We are here, what now?

We Are Here. What Now?

The fire in my belly is lit
I don’t use an alarm clock
I’m up before six
with dreams so big you’d think I was a kid
anxious to meet and play with friends

The gleam in my eye is bright
from the dark, a focused light
projecting visions from inside my mind
straight to your heart
illuminating the places you try to hide

They can’t take away or frustrate
the day you stake your claim to fate
For God’s sake, the ache,
this has to be a mistake
there’s no way that Life is such a waste

Beautiful creations clean you
Renews the used and abused
and brings to bloom the fruit needed to prove
that you can choose
without fearing what there is to lose

Choices are Life’s crossroads
designed with many ways to go:
stay where you are or dare into the unknown.
Both are risks that will show
you choose to live over growing fat and old

Should we continue to be absurd
to flog a dead horse with cotton candy words
to bring sandwiches to banquets for the birds
or can we allow the truth to be heard:
You can either live in the past or have a future