by Thadd Presley

She has no patience. Neither does he, for that matter. We must except that Love is something on which we all must wait. Wait all those long years to grow up, then wait for that special someone. If we are adults by this time, we wait respectfully for the divorce to be final, for the hurt to heal, so life can finally begin again.

Some of us — some of them, I mean — can’t wait for anything. They pick up everything they have, through away all they can’t carry, and trek to the love they’ve found. Resettle their roots, rebuild their futures, meet new friends, and begin to learn about their new life. For some it works wonders, like destiny manifest down from the stars.  Others, though, have a hard time of it.

Like a patient who gets an organ transplant, they take their medicine, the do the therapy, and hope it takes. All the while,  their life begins to seep from their unconscious mind and set in motion the nightmarish fever dream they have always feared would come. So much energy went into creating the monster that now causes them to cast about and say the wildest things.

As if their body rejected the much needed organ, their life slips from their control. They can’t hold onto anything. Everything they touch disappears. Their hopes and good intentions bleed over into the dream-foam from which they’ve constructed their worst fears.

Nothing satisfies them. Things they feel, taste, and want only remind them that they are not happy. All this happens while the real world ebbs and flows around them, many wonderful things go unnoticed. Their friends look on, knowing the symptoms and causes, but not what to do or how to help.

There’s no pattern to their destruction. One day everything’s good, the next day everything’s rotten. The people who care most are hurt the worst. Watching a friend in such misery brings into contrast how sickly and fragile many relationships are and how powerfully strong they can be.

Everyday dream beauty into the future, hope amazing things into your path, place yourself in a protective guiding light showing the way. These things take time to come to fruition, but she has no patience and neither does he, for that matter.