Thadd’s Twelve

“Thadd’s Twelve” was published in February 2015, as a mix of short stories and poetry. I have posted some of the stories on this blog to give an idea of what is inside the book. “Lies We Tell So Well” and “Shallow Grave” are two of the stories in the book.  Below you will find links to other stories and poems I’ve posted.  I will update it as I add more to the blog.

This is a list of the stories and accompanying poetry.


My Written Frankenstein (poem)
Thrills at the Notell Motel (short story)
It’s Not to Late (poem)
You Deserve to be Bullied (short story)
Sweepstake Eyes (poetry)
The Lies We Tell (short story)
Gigantic Planet (poetry)
Bohemian Inn (poetry)
Freegonism (short story)
One Alone (poem)
Beat Down (short story)
She’s Such a Doll (poem)
Easter, Bloody Easter (short story)
Worm in a Box (poem)
War Against Weather (poem)
Lonesome Lake (short story)
War is not the Olympics (poem)
Count’em Out (short story)
Dark Eyes ((poem)
Shallow Grave (short story)
The Thing in the Sky (poem)
You’d Better Learn (short story)
It’s in our Nature to Talk to Snakes (poem)
For the Love of Money (short story)
Gremlin’s Image (poem)
Jack’s Apartment (story story)

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