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Creative People And their Muse


The Muse and the Creative Person

Breaking down poetic boundaries and looking inside


Have you ever been approached by someone very interesting?

If you have, and most of us have, you will better understand what it feels like to have a new writing idea. The ideas do not  appear as words interacting with other words. The characters are people, who live in towns and cities, and have lives and hopes and dreams of their own. Connections are built between the characters that lead to dynamic interactions which have lasting consequences for the character and the story. While writing a story, feelings develop for the characters because the writer also has feelings. It’s these emotions, the ones that exist in the writer’s mind, that create characters so real and interesting that a reader can also develop feelings and emotional attachment.

Ideas sometimes grow into forbidden orchards and conversations sometimes bloom into beautiful gardens.

It might seem strange to you that a writer creates a killer who carries a knife with a short, dull blade because he like to watch the light’s in his victims eyes flicker out for the last time. It might also seem strange that writer talks about a character as if the person is really alive. It might seem strange for a writer to model a victim or love interest after someone they know in real life. But, none of this is out of the ordinary for writer because writing is very strange itself. It’s strange to have people talking in your head, strange to imagine murdering someone and how to get away with it. Writing is strange in a million ways.

Time and time again, creative people collect poison water from a shallow spring and carefully filter it until it is clear and sparkling.

Writers enjoy creating people and stories. It’s part of their lives. The Muse gives her stories and takes them away. Life is good when the Muse dances for her creative person. Life is miserable when the Muse hides herself away. It becomes a drug. It’s their way of life. The Muse is an important part of any creative person’s mental and emotional support group.


So the next time the creative person in your life is talking about their story as if it is real or you recognize features of a character in the checkout line at the neighborhood grocery store, just be happy that the creative person is being creative.