Marriage, the Wrong Way

Marriage is not a Mystery

it just takes more effort than most can afford


Why do people marry the wrong person? I think it’s because they marry too fast. People have a tendency to change over time which could cause a couple to grow apart. It’s important to date for a good long while and get to know them really well before you think you want to spend your whole life with them.

There will be tons of details about your unhappy marriage and what it’s like to be stuck in one. But, not much in the way of explaining how to avoid one.

I believe most unhappy marriages can be avoided by spending a lot of time with the person you want to marry. It takes time to really know someone and it takes time for them to know the real you. But, you know what takes even longer? Growing old with someone you don’t want to be around.

Could you imagine trying to make a life with someone who doesn’t value the things you value or with someone who doesn’t “get” your ideas or understand the things you want for the future? A nightmare with the devil narrating your slow minute by minute life, while you are conscious of what you passed up by not doing the right thing and making yourself happy, and this continues until you die.

Or does it?

Fiction Weekly Begins

I suppose the best place to start is by telling you why I started a blog. That’s not an easy question to answer because my reasons will change every day.

First I think a blog will help me stay focused on what I’m doing from week to week. It will house my thoughts and writing and act as a bulletin board for submissions and goals I want to achieve. It will also be a central place for anyone who is interested to find my stories. Eventually, I will move all my stories to this blog. More than anything, though, I want this blog to become my journal, allowing my path to be followed and remembered.