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The Circus Came To Town

When I was a child, I did something terrible by not speaking up when I should have. I saw something so frightening, I was too afraid to report it. I couldn’t even tell my parents about it. It has haunted me throughout my entire life and I have been seeing her face more and more lately.

Now as an adult, I live everyday with my cowardice, knowing that I allowed the unspeakable to continue. I can never take it back, I will never live it down, but I must try to get it out of my head somehow.


The Circus Came to Town

by Thadd Presley

Damp, dark,
a clank, a spark
a white light,
so bright
my eyes
shut tight.

It was years before,
when I was only a boy
a circus came to town
with elephants and joy

A tent
so large
all the people in town
could come right in
and look at the clowns.

In my delight, I got lost
For my family I looked
and down a dark hallway,
I saw a little girl was took.

A thick curtain fell down,
and covered the way.
I didn’t see anything
But I heard the man say.

“Come one, come all,
Gather around ya’ll.
See the beautiful Chinese
and the Japanese dolls”

But this girl I then saw
was so skinny, so thin,
with long, blond hair
she was locked up tight
a chain under her chin.

She was scarred and so young.
She spoke up quickly,
she whispered:
“Get out of here! RUN!!!”

Her eyes were so wide,
from the shock of my sight
she shook in her cage,
and her necklace of chains

“RUN!!” She cried,
“they’ll be back again!”
Afraid for my life,
Finally I did.

I stand here now
Before the world
To tell of that place,
those chains,
and that girl.

Old Man’s Last Say

I used to write poetry everyday.  Many of the poems are collected in my book “Poetry Principia,” which I wrote as a way to teach myself new styles of poetry.  You can download the book from Amazon for 99 cents. You can find many of my poems in this blog, but I invite you to take a chance and buy the book.


The Old Man’s Last Say

by Thadd Presley

“The worms can have him, for from them he was made,”
the lady remarked as she looked on the grave
and chopped at the dirt with a long handled spade.

She had buried her husband late in the day.
“The sun is too hot, we’ll wait for the shade.
I know he will rot, but he’ll not do it today.”

He was put away quickly, with no friends there to pray,
And when it was over, I remember no-one had stayed.
“Now that he’s gone, I’ll can get married this spring
with all of his money, we can buy the best things.”

But, that wasn’t the end of what that man had to say.
The ground suddenly shook all around the grave.
A great voice rose up and declared from the clay.

“You might have succeeded in ending my days
but you’ll never outlive your hate and disgrace.
I curse you this day ’til the last breath you take
A widow you are and a widow you’ll stay,”

To a cold, whining wind, his voice then gave way
and the widow never married and wasn’t seen since that day.
I come to this hill and stand near their graves.
I remember what mother told me on her final day.

Years later, in tears, she weakly proclaimed:
“I killed your father. It was my greatest mistake.
But love will always conquer a heart filled with hate.”

Thank you for reading. I wish you all a Happy New Year 2016.

Angels On Our Shoulders

“Angels On Our Shoulders”
by Thadd Presley

In the beginning he had two:
One told him good things
and the other spoke untrue.

He grew up with them by his side.
One told him how to be a friend,
the other how to steal and lie.

Then one day, one of his angels fell
He didn’t understand what happened,
but the other laughed, “’cause you’re in hell.”

“The Angel can’t come here, although she had tried
Throughout your life, you were told the truth,
but it’s all to late, now that you’ve died.”

The Hunger (to read)

In my last post, I wrote a Letter to Santa Claus and revealed that I love to read. It’s true that I haven’t found many new books that catch my interest lately. Perhaps, I’m getting to picky. I read everyday and write everyday.

One writer that I used to read is Bentley Little. He has a knack of writing stories that really stick in my head and I find myself cringing years later when remembering a short story or a certain line. He is a talent, no doubt.  Few other writers have made me have this reaction.

Stephen King is a true writer. He has dedicated his life to turning out novel after novel, but nothing he has ever written has stuck with me for too long.  Don’t think I haven’t read all of his books and have been thinking of reading them again. There are a few I would enjoy very much.

Another writer I absolutely was fated to find and read was Isaac Asimov. The Foundation Trilogy, the Earth books, and the Robot Series are amazing and I wouldn’t be who I am today without having discovered them.



I am leaving you with a poem titled Hunger.  Enjoy.



by Thadd Presley

The last sunrise brought tears about
just as blood brings years to me now.
Put behind me my crimes,
Too long, I’ve hid  from man’s eyes
long was the distance, long was the time
’til a love returned that I enjoyed in my life
It came back to me, screaming
calling, in desperate cries

Suddenly, I needed to share it still;
to find those with thoughts and those who feel,
to tell my story and allow a clear reveal
of my obsessions and of my will
by professing my great love for words; Oh, how it will feel!!

After countless ideas, my stories have piled high
and I yearn to have but one glancing eye
to cross my pages and take into mind
the story I’ve tried my entire life to write.

I can’t do this!!
Yes, I know.

But, if I words plant my words?
What would grow?
Is it right to sow that which I don’t know?
Grow in people a cancerous growth?
Make another hunger for the page, a wretched bleak fate
Begin them toward a wretched, bleak fate
with nightmares and visions, in sleeping and wake
to which there’s no end and no way to escape.

To know what’s in me will come out,
to know every whisper escapes as a shout!!
and knowing brings me to a cold shutter,
that we’ll be judged for ever word that we utter.

It’s not what goes in my mind, but what comes out
that shows what my words could possibly sprout
and reveals myself, both inside and out
made known, everywhere and throughout.

That’s what we breath
That’s what we see
That’s what we eat
When we hunger to read.



Thank you for reading. Also, if you have a blog I will be more than happy to add it on my “other blogs” page.


In 2012 I became the bass player for the band Minor Nine. We never got famous, but we made an album in 2013 and had a blast playing shows. For almost three years I practice Saturday and Sunday and played almost 200 shows. During our time together I learned a lot about music and a lot about getting shows.

It hard to keep a band together. Everyone has a role to play as a member of the band, as well as a life they much continue to live at home. The two lives are often at odds, leaving hard choices to be made weekly.

We did however create amazing music. We had a diverse group of musicians. Even though there was only 4 of us, the age range when we started was 13, 28, 34, and 60.  We all had different backgrounds and somehow it worked magically. With a set list of 30 originals we set out across Tennessee and played show after show meeting really cool bands and even cooler people. One show we played with Swedish metal band Avatar is my claim to rock and roll fame.

I quit the band for many reasons. I suppose the biggest reason being the band falling apart from the inside. I had better things to do than watch it crash, so I took my gear and went home. Simple as that.

I created a few videos for the music we created.  The one that follows is “Unite.”  The words came from a poem I wrote years ago and the music and voice is Rex Green. He and I have a special ability to create music. I don’t think I’ll ever meet another person like him and I’m sorry we aren’t working together all the time.

At one time, it was amazing how we were climbing in the scene. Now, I’m not talking about fame and fortune. I’m only talking about the little music scene in Knoxville, Tennessee.Yeah, I know it’s not Long Beach, but it was our patch of the scrap yard and I enjoyed it.

The music in the video was created by Rob Ruddick, Matt Fahey, Rex Green and Thadd Presley.  I hope you enjoy.