Pythagoras Would Kill For This

An Original Portlandia Skit Idea

The citizens of Portland have a rare and enviable opportunity to create a completely new shape and perhaps pave the way to creating new sciences in mathematics and social engineering.

The process would begin with the creation of a new shape and end with a naming celebration. While backed by leaders from multiple fields of science, the committee of citizen-scientists would consist entirely of volunteers from Portland and surrounding tent cities.

Monetary support would be both publicly and privately sourced and combined with governmental and scholastic grants, bringing to fruition the dream of every child everywhere, all the time.

The project will create and name a new shape.

The shape will be weird and alternative, most likely resembling something from the nineties. It’s actual purpose will be undefined and it’s tolerance of other shapes will be notably high. Non-offensive angles and un-defendable edges will be the on all sides.

This new shape, will become known to the world as the Oregon, and while it’ll be called remarkable, it’s true function will negligible to non-existent.