Stewed Thoughts


Today’s Special

Stewed Thoughts,
with Over-Ripe Opinions
Home-Grown Philosophies 

While They Last!!

Sweat Drenched,
The long, hot Nights slowly melting into Tomorrows
Quietly, within my Dreams
Nothing between me and everything

As I evaporated
ever closer
to the abyss of sleep,
It suddenly dawned on me
The how
and the why,
and the reason
things change.

How all the things I need
simply come to me.
And it was just like that.
A dawning of a new era.
Like the Sun rising above the horizon
beautifully, at first,
breaking the darkness,
subdued and diffused.
Then, bursting out,
burning with fully intensity,
Drying up all aspects of doubt.
Beyond any reasonable explanation of coincidence
it turned to stone the Oasis of Skepticism
and bleached the bones of disbelievers.

Like a reverse mystery
it went from completion to conception.
So effortlessly, it was,
if not quick,
obviously eventual.
At least, it was to me.

As I bubbled from grateful wonder on the inside,
I broiled from soaring humidity on the outside.
I suddenly knew
the exact moment,
down to the thought,
when it became clear
when I curiously, cautiously
connected to the most abundant, inexhaustible,
and over-flowing
family from an unknown origin

I was adopted,
brought in,
and became heir
to a most powerful
and timeless
of not only my
body, mind and soul
but of everything between.