My experience with Showtime Ford in Wartburg, Tennessee

Old Ben Franklin & Showtime Ford

Wartburg, Tennessee

I want you to know how crooked they are.

I needed a battery tested and changed. I drive a 2013 Ford Escape. I would have changed the thing myself, but I’m required to use a Ford dealership per the insurance and warranty arrangement. The closest place seemed to be place to get the battery, so I took it to Showtime Ford in Wartburg, Tennessee.

It took them five days to change the battery and it costed $170.00 I didn’t know what could have taken so long to complete. But, as soon as I paid and left I heard a whine coming from the engine and it wouldn’t accelerate. This was something new and I was sure Showtime Ford had done something to tear it up.

So, reluctantly I returned and waited until the mechanic looked at it. He confirmed that there was a problem. A big one. The Turbo was leaking and they would need to keep it. I said that the car was not making this noise when I brought it in, but they began telling me it was a coincidence and they could fix it.

Three weeks later, I get the call. It was time to get the car back. This time, I did a test drive before paying. Everything seemed fine and, of course, I had to pay the deductible again. $219.00.

But everything was not alright. Before I drove five miles, stream began rolling out from under the hood and engine started to overheat. I pulled over and let it cool down. I was angry, but I held it together. I replaced the coolant and watched as it to poured out from somewhere in back of the engine. Right where the turbo was being worked on.

Once again and reluctantly, I called Showtime Ford and they looked at it.

Afterward, they explained that a very small piece of coolant hose had come loose and they would need to keep it over night to fix it. The lady upfront explained to me that it must have been the last people who worked on the car. Of course, they were the last ones to work on it.

The next day, they call and tell me the car is ready. I go down and check it out. I drive it, I pay, and start home.

Half way home, the front right wheel goes to squealing. I know the sound. It’s the metal on metal coming from the hub. Luckily, I know a guy that can fix it and won’t need to go back to Showtime Ford in Wartburg, Tennessee.

The bill to the insurance is more than 2500.00

If this is how Showtime Ford in Wartburg, Tennessee is ensuring that they get and keep your business then I hate to see how they get and keep friends.

Do not TRUST or DO Business with SHOWTIME FORD in WARTBURG, Tennessee.

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