The High IQ Haiku Collection

I’ve been thinking about creating new poetry in 2022. It’s been out of my league for a while now and I am excited to have in my sights again. One style has been my favorite more than any of the others. The Haiku offers a unique challenge, but there’s more to it than that: a great feeling exists when it’s done right, both for the writer and the reader.  Maybe it’s the way it brings nature and humanity together as they should be. Maybe it’s the way it makes the writer pack giant ideas down into a very small containers. And, the reaction when the tiny gift is opened and the reader gets to watch as the surprise opens and unfolds.

Rules?  Only a few.  17 syllables, three lines of 5,7,5, written about nature. mention something about a season, add in an anthropomorphic generalization, and you’ll be close enough to say you did it.  The magic is in how you present your idea.

But, the “Liberal” Haiku is one where anything can be written about in anyway. It’s fun to write and read.  Here’s a quick one.


Some Say: I’m a Hiaku Too,

If writing three lines,

Seventeen neat Syllables,

seems easy? It ain’t




But honestly, most of the liberal styles of Haiku I’ve read doesn’t feel right. They seem to be imposters.  I think, however, if done with enough thought and precision, the feel of high poetry could be written as a Liberal Haiku, but it doesn’t just happen by counting syllables.






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